Episode 20. Luzy King of Viva la Budget and Finance on Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Entrepreneurship

We are so grateful to Luzy for sharing her rich life and business experiences and lessons with us. She is such a determined person. From moving up the corporate ladder beginning with cleaning hotel rooms to managing an entire hotel, to now starting her own online business, Luzy is a vibrant example of how anything is possible if you stay focused and committed on your goals, don\’t let others\’ limiting beliefs get in the way of your success, and let yourself be willing to experiment and create without perfectionism getting in the way.

Luzy King is an outdoor enthusiast and the founder of Viva la Budget and Finance, an online platform intended to decolonize myths about budgeting and investing for women. Luzy is a first-gen college graduate, a wife, and a mother of two. Luzy is currently finishing the last quarter of her MBA program and aspires to become a CFP. When Luzy is not studying, she is working in her family business doing administrative work and marketing. Once a month, she also volunteers her time to teach financial literacy to underserved women and high school students in her community. One of her mentors describes Luzy as “a very driven individual with a genuine passion for helping others.”


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