Episode 29. Fabi Of @wholesome_fabi On Wellness and Her Immigration, Financial, and Business Journey

We saw it was equal pay day and thought it would be awesome to highlight the story of a woman like Fabi, who has been – and continues to be – courageous in going and asking for what she deserves for her incredible value and talent! Fabi is an example of what it looks like, and how the universe shows up, when you take steps to own your self-worth, cultivate wellness, and embrace abundance.

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Fabiola (\”Fabo\”) Bautista is an immigrant who was brought to the States at an early age of one. Fabi didn’t become fully aware of her immigration status until her early teens when faced with challenges when traveling and applying to University. Determined to obtain a College degree Fabi worked full time while attending college. Ultimately, graduating with honors and a degree in Human Resource Development. Currently, Fabi works as a Corporate Trainer and Instructional Designer. Fabi recently started her side hustle, designing wellness posts for a non-profit. Fabi credits her success to a growth mindset and visualizing abundance. Fabi hopes to create a community around mindfulness and intuitive eating something she is passionate about. To find more follow her at wholesome_fabi.

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