Episode 71. Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. of @Legalmiga on Business Law for Immigrants

Join us for a discussion on business law and trademarks with Taylor Tieman of Legalmiga®.

When starting a business, you can trademark your intellectual property, regardless of your immigration status, even if you are undocumented.

A trademark is a way to build assets and generational wealth to pass down to future generations. By registering a trademark, your startup or company can protect itself from another company using its name as well as from imitation of its products or services. It also increases your company value.

Taylor goes more in-depth and shares tips for new business owners on the importance of trademark, setting up a business legal entity, and having bare minimum contracts in place.

Taylor M. Tieman, Esq. is an attorney and founder of the Legalmiga® Membership, an accessible legal services membership created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs, She assists and advises her clients on how to legally protect their brands, services, products & content through the effective use of preventative measures and legal strategy. Taylor operates a virtual law firm based out of Los Angeles, California and specializes in trademarks, contracts, copyright, podcasts, and business formation. She takes immense pride in representing BIPOC and female-owned businesses to help them build and thrive!

Taylor also is the founder of The Legalmiga Library™, a one-stop legal shop with all the legal resources an entrepreneur will need to build a successful, thriving business–– while minimizing the legal risks.


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